No accurate estimates of heart attacks are available in India, however it is possible that upwards of 3 million heart attacks could occur in India every year. Significant myocardial salvage can occur if reperfusion can occur within 2 hours of onset of symptoms.

Data from India suggests that arrival to a hospital is delayed with a median time of arrival of above 300 minutes. Reduction of this delay requires public education on the early signs of myocardial infarction, which is a substantial challenge given India's low rates of literacy and diverse society. Apart from this, STEMI management protocols and specific training to paramedics, nurses and doctors is not done in any systematic way in India. There is also an acute need for development of a STEMI system of care.

It is to address these challenges that Dr. Thomas Alexander and Dr. Ajit S Mullasari took the initiative and STEMI INDIA was set up as a 'not for profit' organisation. It is run by a nine member national board of Directors.